Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona

After Bailowitz and Brock, Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona , with minor corrections/additions

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This is very much a work in progress. Please note that there is a great deal of variation in both the picture and specimen quality. This will (slowly) improve with time as better figures and specimens arise. We will, of course, be happy to display any of your slides of adults/ larvae here (with full credit, of course).

Please note that the figures are somewhat large, around 70 - 120 K each, so slow-line downloaders beware!

Compiled by Bruce Walsh, Department of Ecology and Evolution Biology and the Center for Insect Science of the University of Arizona. Comments, corrections and additions are most welcome, at jbwalsh@u.arizona.edu. [ Walsh home page ].

I'm trying to get a sense of who is using this page and how they found it. Please drop me a note if you wish : jbwalsh@u.arizona.edu.

Much thanks

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Butterflies by Families:

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