The Moths of Southeastern Arizona

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ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! Current Version: 1 Sept. 2011

Area of coverage is the counties of Pima, Santa Cruz, Cochise, Graham, and Pinal. Map and Details of mountain ranges in covered region.

A typical night at Pena Blanca, Santa Cruz County Arizona (18 July 2000). Photo by Howard Byrne.

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Details on this site

This is very much a work in progress!! Please note that there is a great deal of variation in both the picture and specimen quality [currently poor photos are denoted by *, and poor specimens by (*s)]. Poor figures will be upgraded once the basic species list is loaded, while upgrading poor specimens will take much longer. We will, of course, be happy to display any of your slides of adults/ larvae here (with full credit, of course).

Please note that the figures are somewhat large, around 70 - 120 K each, so slow-line downloads beware!

Compiled by Bruce Walsh, Department of Ecology and Evolution Biology and the Center for Insect Science of the University of Arizona. [ Walsh home page ].

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Moths by Families:

  1. Sphingidae (Hawkmoths)
  2. Saturniidae (Silkmoths)
  3. Mimallonidae, Apatelodidae, Lasiocampidae
    1. Mimallonidae (Sack-bearer moths)
        1 Species listed, figured
    2. Apatelodidae (Apatelodid Moths)
        2 Species listed, both figured
    3. Lasiocampidae (Tent Caterpillars)
        16 Species listed, 13 figured
  4. Doidae
  5. Notodontidae (Prominents)
  6. Erebidae
    1. Subfamily Lymantriinae (Tussock Moths)
      • 4 Species listed, 3 figured
      • Page last updated: 26 August 2011
    2. Subfamily Arctiinae (Tiger moths)
      • 104 Species listed, 95 figured
      • Page last updated: 24 August 2011
    3. Old Noctuid Subfamilies: Herminiinae through Catocalinae
        Page last updated: 25 August 2011
  7. Eutellidae
  8. Nolidae
  9. Noctuidae (Cutworms)
  10. Geometridae (Inch-worms and Loopers)
  11. Sesiidae (Clear-wing moths)
  12. Zygaenidae, Megalopygidae, Limacodidae, Epipyropidae, Dalceridae
    1. Zygaenidae (Smoky Moths and Burnets)
        12 Species listed, all figured
    2. Megalopygidae (Flannel Moths)
        6 Species listed, all figured
    3. Limacodidae (Slug-caterpillars)
        9 Species listed, all figured
    4. Epipyropidae
        1 Species listed, figured
    5. Dalceridae
        1 Species listed, figured
  13. Hepialidae, Psychidae, Cossidae
    1. Hepialidae (Ghostmoths)
        1Species listed, figured
    2. Psychidae (Bagworm moths)
        7 Species listed, 2 figured
    3. Cossidae (Carpenter- and Leopard-moths)
        20 Species listed, 197 figured
  14. Hybaeidae, Thyrididae, Thyatiridae, Sematuridae
    1. Hybaeidae (Teak Moths)
        1 Species listed, figured
    2. Thyrididae (Thyridid Moths)
        2 Species listed, both figured
    3. Thyatiridae (Thyatirid Moths)
        3 Species listed, all figured
    4. Sematuridae
        One Species listed, figured
  15. Tineidae, Acrolophidae
    1. Tineidae (Clothes moths and their relatives)
        8 Species listed, 1 figured
    2. Acrolophidae
        31 Species listed, 7 figured
  16. Oecophoridae (Codling Moths)
  17. Cosmopterigidae
  18. Gelechiidae
  19. Glyphipterigidae (Sedge Moths)
  20. Alucitidae, Pterophoridae (Many-Plumed and Plume-moths)
    1. Alucitidae (Many-plumed moths)
        1 Species listed, figured
    2. Pterophoridae (Plume-moths)
        35 Species listed, 4 figured
  21. Prodoxinae (Yucca moths)
  22. Pyralidae (Pyralid Moths)

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