Key to Southeastern Arizona Nemoria

Key based on Ferguson (1985), Fascicle 18.1 of The Moths of American North of Mexico.

  1. Hindwing not like forewing, paler, markings less distinct or obsolete, terminal red line absent .. 2

    Hindwing same color, or it paler, terminal red/brown line present .... 4.

  2. Fringes tinged with pink, or, if white, abdomen distinctly greenish beneath ... Nemoria caerulescens [ MONA 7042 ]

    Fringes plain white or yellowish, abdomen always white beneath --- 3.

  3. Hindwing pure white , without markings; a very pale, fragile species ... Nemoria albaria [ MONA 7026 ]

    Hindwing with some green and always at least the postmedial line visible ...Nemoria diamesa [ MONA 7025 ]

  4. Costa of forewing bordered with purplish brown, wings striated or dappled with pale yellow .... 5.

    Not as above .... 6.

  5. Wings opaque, lines well defined, antemedial (at least on forewing) distinct .. ... Nemoria arizonaria (spring form) [ MONA 7021 ]

    Wings subhyaline, lines indistinct, antemedials virtually wanting ... Nemoria daedalea [ MONA 7022 ]

  6. Costa and upperside of thorax and abdomen shaded with bright pink, no abdominal spots; a rather large, pale species ... Nemoria latirosaria [ MONA 7019 ]

    Not as above .... 7.

  7. Wings with obvious red or brown terminal line, which may be continuous or interrupted ... 8.

    Wings without terminal line (sometimes a few red scales at base of fringe, visible only at magnification.. 11.

  8. Abdomen with dorsal markings in the form of discrete white spots, usually encircled with red or brown ... 9.

    Abdominal markings, if present, not in the form of spots. Antemedial and postmedial lines or forewing convergent towards costa, hindwing paler than forewing ... Nemoria splendidaria [ MONA 7038 ]

  9. Underside of wings almost as green as upperside, underside of abdomen green; white lines wide, prominent, often wider than pale costal border ... . Nemoria obliqua obliqua [ MONA 7037 ]

    Underside decidedly paler than upperside, underside of abdomen whitish, white lines usually no wider than pale costal border .. 10.

  10. Foretibia red or brownish with an oblique or cresent-shaped white band across anterior side ... Nemoria zelotes [ MONA 7036 ]

    Foretibia red or brownish but without white marking ... Nemoria festaria [ MONA 7044 ]

  11. Abdomen marked with three or more white dorsal spots that are usually (except inunitaria) enciricled with red or brown ... 12.

    Abdomen without white markings or with only one small white spot at base .. 15.

  12. Wings striated with white, fringes pale yellowish with no pink, antemedials preceded by solid green (unstriated) shadow line; pale yellowish costal border as wide as fringe; foretibia entirely whitish .... Nemoria arizonaria summer form females [ MONA 7021 ].

    Wings finely striated or unstriated; fringes often with some pink, at least a trace at apex of forewing; antemedials not preceded by contrasting solid green shade; pale costal border narrower than fringe, foretibia reddish .. 13.

  13. Abdominal segments one to three with pure white dorsal spots and no red or brown shadowing, antemedial and postmedial lines of hindwing united before reaching the inner margin, forming a closed loop that is diagnostic if fully visible, but often with lines fading out before inner margin so that loop is incomplete; forewing apex slightly produced ... Nemoria unitaria [ MONA 7018 ].

    Abdominal segments one, two, and four with whitish spots, more or less encircled with brown or reddish shading, the spot on segment two usually wanting; lines of hindwing not united; forewing apex not produced ... 14.

  14. Large species, average length of forewing greater than 13 mm; fringe generally whitish with from one to several pink rays towards apex ... Nemoria darwiniata punctularia [ MONA 7035a ]

    Smaller species, average wing length less than 13 mm; fringes white or but faintly pinkish, not checkered; abdominal spots small and almost devoid of red shading ....Nemoria caerulescens [ MONA 7042 ]

  15. Foreleg entirely whitish, wings yellowish green; antemedials and postmedials both well developed; postmedial and pale costal border about as wide as fringe; abdomen of male mostly whitish, that of female shaded with pinkish brown above, and with or without white spots ... Nemoria arizonaria [ MONA 7021 ]

    Foreleg with some brown; wings bluish green; antemedials obsolete, postmedials thin or obsolete; pale costal border narrower than fringe; upperside of abdomen green in both sexes ... 16.

  16. Front of foretibia brown with obsolete white band accross middle; postmedials obsolescent, dentate where visible, that of forewing parallel to outer margin; a large species (female wing lenght 12 - 18 mm) ... Nemoria strigataria [ MONA 7039 ]

    Front of foretibia brown without white band; postmedials thin but fairly distinct, straight, that of forewing erect on inner margin, a smaller species ... Nemoria mutaticolor [ MONA 7017 ]