The Most Spectacular Moths of SE Arizona

(A subjective list)

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Common Caterpillars of SE Arizona

While many of the most spectacular moths are the large and colorful silkmoths (Saturniidae) and hawkmoths (Sphingidae), the smaller tiger moths (Arctiidae) are also impressive as a group. Likewise, the green geometrids or Emeralds (Geometrinae), underwing moths of the genus Catocala , and the Forester Moths (Agaristinae) contain a number of very colorful species.

Throughout the detailed species lists by families, the more impressive moths (to this writer) are marked with ! (nice) or !! (very impressive). To help the novice of the moths of this area get a general feel for the range and diversity of species, here are some of the most colorful and impressive moths of SE Arizona.

List of some of the more impressive Hawkmoths (Sphingidae)

  1. Typhon sphinx (Eumorpha typhon)
  2. Big poplar sphinx (Pachysphinx occidentalis)
  3. Muscosa sphinx (Manduca muscosa )
  4. Rustic sphinx (Manduca rustica )
  5. Florestan sphinx (Manduca florestan )
  6. Salicet sphinx (Smerinthus saliceti )
  7. Achemon sphinx (Eumorpha achemon)
  8. Carolina sphinx (Manduca sexta)
  9. Five-spotted hawkmoth (Manduca quinquemaculata )
  10. Great ash sphinx (Sphinx chersis )
  11. Small-eyed sphinx (Paonias myops)

A list of some of the most colorful Silkmoths ( Saturniidae)

  1. Glover's silkmoth (Hyalophora columbia gloveri)
  2. Oculea silkmoth (Antheraea oculea)
  3. Calleta silkmoth (Eupackardia calleta)
  4. Cincta silkmoth (Rothschildia cincta)
  5. Cecrops eyed silkmoth (Automeris cecrops panima)
  6. Western Imperial (Eacles oslari)
  7. Splendid royal moth (Citheronia splendens)
  8. Rocky Mountain agapema (Agapema homogena)
  9. Juno buckmoth (Hemileuca juno)
  10. Electra buckmoth (Hemileuca electra)
  11. Hubbard's small silkmoth (Sphingicampa hubbardi)
  12. Montana small silkmoth (Sphingicampa montana)

A list of some of the most colorful Tigermoths (Arctiidae)

  1. Dysschema howardi (perhaps the most impressive moth in SE Arizona)
  2. Gnophaela laptipennis
  3. Gardinia anopla
  4. Utetheisa ornatrix
  5. Holomelina ostenta
  6. Arachnis picta
  7. Grammia geneura
  8. Notarctia proxima
  9. Apocrisias thaumasta
  10. Bertholdia trigona
  11. Ctenucha venosa
  12. Syntomeida hampsonii

List of the most impressive moths from other families

  1. Dicogaster coronada Males and females rather different ( Lasiocampidae )
  2. Quadrina diazoma Males and females rather different ( Lasiocampidae )
  3. Astylis biedermani (looks like a hawkmoth, but really a Notodontidae )
  4. Gloveria gargamelle Males and females very different ( Lasiocampidae )
  5. Gloveria arizonensis dolores. Males and females very different ( Lasiocampidae )
  6. Morpheus clenchi ( Cossidae)
  7. Black Witch -- Ascalapha odorata ( Noctuidae : Catocalinae)
  8. Lirimiris truncata ( Notodontidae )
  9. Prionxystas robiniae Males and females are VERY different ( Cossidae)
  10. Melittia gloriosa ( Sesiidae)
  11. Melittia grandis (Sesiidae)
  12. Stamnodes fervefactaria ( Geometridae : Larentiinae)
  13. Nemoria zelotes (Geometridae : Geometrinae)
  14. Dichorda consequaria (Geometridae : Geometrinae)
  15. Diphthera festiva (Noctuidae : Catocalinae)
  16. Catocala piatrix dionyza (Noctuidae : Catocalinae)
  17. Catocala euphemia (Noctuidae: Catocalinae)
  18. Catocala grotiana (Noctuidae: Catocalinae)
  19. Hemispragueia idella (Noctuidae: Catocalinae)
  20. Gerrodes minatea (Noctuidae: Agaristinae)
  21. Euscirrhopterus cosyra (Noctuidae: Agaristinae)
  22. Neumoegenia poetica (Noctuidae: Stiriinae)
  23. Chalcopasta territans (Noctuidae: Stiriinae)
  24. Chalcopast acema (Noctuidae: Stiriinae)