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Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Characters

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Over the past several decades an enormous body of quantitative-genetic theory and empirical work has accumulated, nearly independently, in the fields of evolutionary biology, plant and animal breeding, and human genetics. The first of a two-volume set, this book attempts to integrate this diverse body of literature, focusing primarily on the basic biological properties of quantitative traits and on the statistical approaches to analyzing such characters. Starting from first principles, the book is accessible to the reader with only a rudimentary knowledge of genetics and/or statistics. Substantial coverage is given to the rapidly expanding area of QTL mapping and characterization. Volume 2, the writing of which is well underway, will focus on the evolutionary dynamics of quantitative characters under natural and/or artificial selection and random genetic drift.


1. An Overview of Quantitative Genetics

2. Properties of Distributions

3. Covariance, Regression, and Correlation

4. Properties of Single Loci

5. Sources of Genetic Variation for Multilocus Traits

6. Sources of Environmental Variation

7. Resemblance Between Relatives

8. Introduction to Matrix Algebra and Linear Models

9. Analysis of Line Crosses

10. Inbreeding Depression

11. Matters of Scale


12. Polygenes and Polygenic Mutation

13. Detecting Major Genes

14. Basic Concepts of Marker-based Analysis

15. Mapping and Characterizing QTLs: Inbred-line Crosses

16. Mapping and Characterizing QTLs: Outbred Populations


17. Parent-offspring Regression

18. Sib Analysis

19. Twins and Clones

20. Cross-classified Designs

21. Correlations Between Characters

22. Genotype X Environment Interaction

23. Maternal Effects

24. Sex Linkage and Sexual Dimorphism

25. Threshold Characters

26. Estimation of Breeding Values

27. Variance-component Estimation with Complex Pedigrees


A1. Expectations, Variances and Covariances of Compound Variables

A2. Path Analysis

A3. Generalized Inverses and Singular Systems of Equations

A4. Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Likelihood-ratio Tests

A5. Computing the Power of Statistical Tests

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