Previews --- Reviewer's comments to the publisher

"Lynch and Walsh's treatise on quantitative genetics is an outstanding achievement. It gives a comprehensive coverage of the principles of the inheritance of continuous traits and of the ways to analyse them, covering both classical and modern methods with clarity and depth. The book will be of value to students and researchers in areas ranging from population and evolutionary biology to human disease and animal breeding. I am certain it will become a standard reference for years to come." W. G. Hill, Edinburgh

"There has been a crying need for an authoritative book that combines the latest advances in quantitative genetics with the new molecular techniques. This is it." James Crow, Wisconsin

"The breadth of topics is stunning. The theoretical development and review of empirical work are thorough and engaging, ranging from the earliest accomplishments to the most recent. Distilling work from a remarkable array of sources, Lynch and Walsh have produced an indispensable book."Ruth Shaw, U. Minnesota