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This list of resources is maintained as an electronic supplement to our forthcoming two volume textbook on Quantitative Genetics to be published by Sinauer Associates. Links to web pages, particular programs, and notes/comments on all issues in quantitative genetics (i.e., animal breeding, plant breeding, evolutionary genetics, human genetics) can be found under the appropriate chapters for each volume.

The authors are Mike Lynch (in the Department of Biology at Indiana University at Bloomington) and myself ( Bruce Walsh in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona). E-mail the authors.

Volume 1: Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Traits

Published December 1997. Deals with basic biology and estimation of quantitiative characters.

Expanded Table of Contents

Current list of Typos and Other Still Errors (last updated 25 August 2003)

Details and Ordering information

Topics Covered (Complete list of chapters)

For updates, programs, notes on new material, see the webpage for the appropriate chapter

  • Comments to the publisher from original reviewers of the manuscript (W. G. Hill, James Crow, Ruth Shaw)
  • Reviews:
    1. Warren Ewens, American Journal of Human Biology 11: 798-800. [ review
    2. Trudy MacKay, Evolution 53: 307-309. [ review ]
    3. Jim Cheverud, Am. J. Phys. Anthrop. 108: 375-376. [ review ]
    4. J. J. Colleau, Genetics, Selection, Evolution 30: 203-204. [ review ]
    5. Nick Barton, Genetical Research 72: 73. [ review ]
    6. Paul Siegel, Journal of Heredity 90: 256-257. [ review ]
    7. Mary Marazita, Trends in Genetics 15: 120. [ review ]
    8. Outi Savolainen, Forest Genetics 6: 88 [ review ]
    9. William A. Nelson and Elizabeth E. Crone, The Quarterly Review of Biology 74: 225. [review ]
    10. Christopher Basten, Theoretical Population Biology 57: 307 [review ]
    11. Suzanne Leal, American Journal of Human Genetics 68: 548-549. [ review ]

Courses using Volume 1 (partial list):

[ Please drop us an e-mail so we can add your course to this list! ]

  1. BioStatistics 578, Statistical Methods in Quantitative Genetics. Stephanie Monks, University of Washington (Winter Quarter, 2000).
  2. Biometrical Genetics and Plant Breeding, Chris Cramer, New Mexico State University.
  3. Module 8: Quantitative Trait Gene Mapping I, NCSU Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics, Z-B. Zeng, C. J. Basten, and R. Doerge.
  4. Module 10: Quantitative Trait Gene Mapping II , NCSU Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics, Z-B Zeng, C.J. Basten, B. Yandell and I. Hoeschele.
  5. Short Course in QTL mapping, as part of the Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis MSc degree at the University of Edinburgh. S. Knott (and others).

Volume 2: Evolution and Selection of Quantitative Traits

This is about 70 percent finished) will follow, and deals with natural and artificial selection on quantitative characters. Draft chapters can be downloaded from the Vol. 2 webpage.

Topics Covered (Complete list of chapters)

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Notes on Program Links

Recent Books on Quantitative Genetics

Recent books not cited in our book.

Links to webpages on Quantitative Genetics

  • Class Notes (Some of these links appear to only be active when the class is taught)
    1. Statistical Genetics, with a focus on Animal and Plant Breeding . Wyman Nyquist, Purdue University. Very extensive notes (essentially an on-line textbook)
    2. Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2003 . David Lindsay, Julius van der Werf, Mike Goddard, Ben Hayes, University of New England, Armidale NSW.
    3. Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2004.
    4. 2003 Nordic postgraduate course: Quantitative Genetics in Animal Breeding. Bruce Walsh and Bill Muir, Helsinki, Finland.
    5. Quantitative Genetics and Animal Models . L. R. Schaeffer, University of Guelph.
    6. Estimation of Genetic Parameters . L. R. Schaeffer, University of Guelph.
    7. EEB 348: Population Genetics . Kent Holsinger, Univ. Conn.

  • Genomes
    1. AnimalGenome Size Database ( C-values for over 2,100 species and subspecies of vertebrates and 800 invertebrates)
    2. Human
    3. Mouse
    4. Fugu (Puffer fish)
    5. Arabidopsis
    6. Flybase (Drosophila)
    7. Mosquito
    8. Wormbase (C. elegans)
    9. Dictyostelium
    10. TIGR Microbial Database

  • Karen Ayres (University of Reading ) very extensive Statistical Genetics webpage

  • Software

  • Meetings

  • Advanced Classes/Workshops

    1. Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics, from University of Washington

    2. The M.Sc./Diploma in Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis at the University of Edinburgh.

  • Quantitative-Genetics related listserves

  • Directories for Finding People
    1. Evolution and population genetics
    2. Animal Breeders and Geneticists
    3. Animal Gene Mapping Community Directory

  • Animal Breeding and Genetics

  • Plant Breeding

  • Forest Breeding

  • Evolution

  • Human Genetics

  • Departments and Programs

  • Journals

  • Searchable bibliographices
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