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Westop talk (powerpoint)

Pictures of some of the loveable bunnies at Brambley Hedge rabbit rescue.

Pictures of (some of) my eight bunnies.


Tripod (our three-legged bunny) and her mate Seymore



Puffalump (Spot's mate)

Spot (Puffalump's mate)

"Ear's looking at you, kid!"

Cally (Rascal's mate)

Rascal (Cally's mate)

Rainbow Bridge Bunnies


Hanging out

Getting brushed and a nail trim

Buster and Johnny (our swimmer bunnies)

Crabbe and Weismuller, that is (gold medal swimmers)


Reo (Cally's former mate)

Reo: "Mum's the word!"

Calli and Reo

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