Moths of Brown Canyon, Baboquivari Mountains, SE Arizona

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Details: This list is based on a continuing survey of Brown Canyon in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge (BANWF) in Pima County, largely due to collections from 2000 to the present. A large number of species are still in the process of being identified. Hence, this working list is VERY preliminary and still in progress. The list is sorted by MONA (Moths of North American) Checklist numbers after Hodges 1983. Further details on many of these species (such as foodplants and, in some cases, images of larvae and pupae) as well as the primarily literature references can be found in the Moths of SE Arizona webpage.

Last updated: 10 January 2010

Many thanks to Sally Gall (Refuge Operations Specialist) and the other fine staff at BANWR for help and access to Brown Canyon.

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Current species list for Brown Canyon

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