BioQuip's new Night Collecting sheet

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BioQuip's new Night Collecting sheet

BioQuip here in the States ( has just introduced a new self-supporting collecting sheet. I've had the chance to use this a couple of times and offer some comments.

First, the sheet is based on a standard tent pole, which is stretched to form the arc upon which the Nylon sheet attached via Velcro straps.

The shots below show how I've set it up during a recent collecting trip in the Santa Catalina Mountains just outside of Tucson (an easy 35 minutes from my house). I use a 450 watt MV lamp, run by a Honda EU1000 generator. One could also hang a UV light from the top, but I left my at home this particular evening.

The settup of this system as recommend by BioQuip is to run guy lines from the to both sides, providing support. I find a much easier system is the following:

I use two 18 inch (45cm) pieces of electric conduit pipe and drive each about 12 inches into the ground. Since the tent pole is much thinner that the inside diameter of the pipe, I first attach a section of clear plastic tubing over the tent pole, and then insert into the pipe for a tight fit. The whole thing is self-supporting, without those guy wires getting in the way of the tripod.

The whole system will sway a bit in the wind, so move the tripod a safe distance away from the sheet.