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  1. Lafontaine, D., and B. Walsh. A review of the subfamily Anobinae with the description of a new species of Baniana Walker from North and Central America (Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Anobinae). Zookeys 39: 3-11
  2. Lafontaine, D., B. Walsh and R. W. Holland. A revision of the genus Bryolymnia Hampson in North America with descriptions of three new species (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Noctuinae, Elaphriini). Zookeys 39: 107--204.
  3. Lafontaine, D., C. D. Ferris and B. Walsh. A revision of the genus Hypotrix Guenee in North America with descriptions of four new species and a new genus (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Noctuinae, Eriopygini). Zookeys 39: 225--253.


  1. Walsh, B. and M. W. Blows. Abundant genetic variation + strong selection = multivariate genetic constraints. A geometric view of adaptation. Ann. Rev. Ecol. Syst. 40: 41--59.
  2. Walsh, B. Lithophane leeae (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Xyleninaa), a striking new species from southeastern Arizona. Zookeys 10: 11-16.
  3. Chen, J., and B. Walsh. Method for the mapping of a female partial-sterile locus on a molecular marker linkage map. Theor. Appl. Genet.


  1. Blows, M,. and B.Walsh. Spherical Cows grazing in Flatland: Constraints to Selection and Adaptation. In Adaptation and Fitness in Animal Populations Evolutionary and Breeding Perspectives on Genetic Resource Management, J. van der Werf, H.-U. Graser, R. Frankham and C. Gondro (Eds). 2008.
  2. Walsh, B. Quantitative Genetics v 3.0. Where have we been and were are we going?. (Opening talk for the3rd World Congress on Quantitative Genetics, China, to be published in Genetica)
  3. Walsh, B. Detection of Domestication and Adaptation genes. Euphytica 161: 1 --17.
  4. Walsh, B., Alan J. Redd and Michael F. Hammer. Joint match probabilities for Y chromosomal and autosomal markers. Forensic Science International 174: 234-238.


  1. Walsh, B. Escape from flatland. J. Evol. Biol. 20: 36 -38.


  1. Hammer, G., M. Cooper, F. Tardieu, S. Welch, B. Walsh, F. van Eeuwijk, S. Chapman, and D. Podlich. Models for Navigating Biological Complexity in Breeding Improved Crop Plants. Trends in Plant Science 11 : 587-593.
  2. Hammer, M. F., Veronica F. Chamberlain, Veronica F. Kearney, Daryn Stover, Gina Zhang, Tatiana Karafet, Bruce Walsh and Alan J. Redd. Population structure of Y chromosome SNP haplogroups in the United States and forensic implications for constructing Y chromosome STR databases. Forensic Science International, Volume 164, Pages 45-55


  1. Walsh, B. The Struggle to Exploit Nonadditive Variation . Australia Journal of Agricultural Research 56: 873--881.


  1. B. Walsh and D. Henderson Microarrays and beyond: What potential do current and future genomics tools have for breeders? J. Anim Sci. 2004 82: E292-299E, pdf
  2. Walsh, B. Long term selection: repeatability of response in finite populations in Encyclopedia of Crop Sciences


  1. Population-genetic models of the fates of duplicate genes. Genetica 118: 279-294.
  2. Population- and Quantitative-Genetic Models of Selection Limits: a chapter from Plant Breeding Reviews
  3. Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics: a chapter from Handbook of Statistical Genetics, 2nd Ed.


  1. Redd, A. J., J. Roberts-Thomson, T. Karafet, M. Bamshad, L. B. Jorder, J. M. Naidu, B. Walsh, and M. F. Hammer. 2002. Holocene paternal gene flow from the Indian subcontinent to Australia.. Current Biology 12: 673-677.
  2. Quantitative Genetics, Genomics, and the Future of Plant Breeding. A Chapter from Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding in the 21st Century, A Symposium held in March 2001 by the LSU Chapter of Sigma Xi in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (19 pages, 198 kb).
  3. Jannink, J.-L., and J. B. Walsh. Association mapping in plant populations. A Chapter from Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding in the 21st Century, A Symposium held in March 2001 by the LSU Chapter of Sigma Xi in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


  1. Walsh, B. 2001. Estimating the time to the MRCA for the Y chromosome or mtDNA for a pair of individuals, Genetics 158: 897--912
  2. Walsh, B. 2001. Quantitative Genetics in the Age of Genomics, in Theoretical Population Biology 59: 175--184.
  3. Michael Lynch, Martin O'Hely, Bruce Walsh, and Allan Force. The Probability of Preservation of a Newly Arisen Gene Duplicate, in Genetics Vol. 159, 1789-1804.
  4. Walsh, B. 2001. Quantitative Genetics, in Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
  5. Walsh, B. and W. Stephan. 2001. Multigene families: Evolution, in Encyclopedia of Life Sciences