2003 Nordic postgraduate courses in Animal Breeding: Quantitative Genetics in Animal Breeding

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Course Schedule, Readings and Lecture Notes

Walsh and Lynch refers to on-line draft chapters from our (yet to be finished) volume, Evolution and Selection on Quantitative Traits. Chapters can be viewed at http://nitro.biosci.arizona.edu/zbook/volume_2/vol2.html

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All of this material is also on our ftp site, ftp://Nordic2003:Nordic2003@eeb19.biosci.arizona.edu There are five folders: pdf of lecture notes, powerpoint files, reprints/reading materials (References), Datasets (SAS code is here), amd mastersd, which has all of the files on the CD that will be handed out in class. For those this wish to use a strict ftp server, the site is eeb19.biosci.arizona.edu, user = Nordic2003, password=Nordic2003

Day 1: (Monday, 4 August )

  • Lecture 1: Basic statistical machinery (Walsh)

  • Lecture 2: Basic Population and Quantitative Genetics (Walsh)

    Day 2: (Tuesday, 5 August)

  • Lecture 3: Resemblances Between Relatives (Walsh)

  • Lecture 4: Basic Designs for Estimation of Genetic Parameters (Walsh)

    Day 3: (Wednesday, 6 August)

  • Lecture 5: Major Genes, Polygenes, and QTLs (Walsh)

  • Lecture 6: QTL Mapping (Walsh)

    Day 4 (Thursday, 7 August)

  • Lecture 7: Inbreeding and Heterosis (Walsh)

  • Lecture 8: Short-term Response Selection (Walsh)

    Day 5 (Friday, 8 August)

  • Lecture 9: Analysis of short-term selection experiments (Walsh)

  • Lecture 10: Linear Algebra and Linear Models (Walsh)

    Day 6 (Monday, 11 August)

    Problems for Lectures 11-19 --- pdf file.

  • Lecture 11: BLUP Estimation I (Muir)

  • Lecture 12: BLUP Estimation II (Muir)

    Day 7 (Tuesday, 12 August)

  • Lecture 13: Maternal Effects I: Non-inherited (Muir)

  • Lecture 14: Maternal Effects II: Inherited (Muir)

    Day 8 (Wednesday, 13 August)

  • Lecture 15: Genotype-Genotype interactions (Muir)

  • Lecture 16: Genotype-Environment interactions (Muir)

    Day 9 (Thursday, 14 August)

  • Lecture 17: Multi-trait selection: (Muir)

  • Lecture 18: Marker Assisted Selection (Muir)

    Day 10 (Friday, 15 August)

  • Lecture 19: Long Term Selection (Muir)

  • Lecture 20: The Future (Walsh/Muir)

    Useful References