The 2009 Lep Course

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 since 6 Sept 2009 

The first annual Lep Course was held at the SW Research Station from 22- 28 August, 2009.

  • Lee Dyer, University of Nevada, Reno
  • P. D. Hulce, SW Research Station
  • Jim Miller, American Museum of Natural History
  • Ray Nagle, University of Arizona
  • Bruce Walsh, University of Arizona
  • Dick Zweifel, American Museum of Natural History
  • Kurt Leuschner, College of the Desert, Palm Desert, California.
  • Norma Platt, Rochester, New York
  • Elizabeth Saunders, Southern Illinois University
  • Ann Van Cleave, New Orleans Insect Zoo.
  • Renee West, Carlsberg Caverns National Park

Photos from 2009 course. Thanks to Norma!

Ann beating for larvae around the Research Station

Norma examining adult morphology

Renee and Jim searching Ocatillos at Granite Gap

Collecting in Barfoot Park.

Kurt spreading non-leps on an off moment

Liz working through the SWRS Herbarium

Liz and Ann collecting at the Mercury Vapor light sheet

P.D., Jim and Ann collecting at Silver Creek

Eumorpha typhon larvae on wild grape

Dysschema howardi, the largest North American Tiger moth