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Fundaments of Evolution

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Course Philosophy and Goals

Problem set 4 is now posted ).

EEB 600a is the first semester of the new graduate core for incoming EEB graduate students. Its role is to serve as a broad introduction to evolution, providing the foundation for future work. EEB 600B, Fundaments of Ecology, it is second semester course and focuses on (you guessed it) Ecology.

This course will assume only a minimal background, and hence is also suitable for graduate students in other departments who wish to obtain solid fundamentals in evolution.

Meeting time and Place: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30-10:45 a.m. BSW 302.


  1. Problem Set One

  2. Problem Set Two

  3. Problem Set Three

  4. Problem Set Four

  5. Problem Set Five


Lectures one and two have now been corrected and are suitable for downloading

Tuesday 21 August Lecture 1 Basic probability and discrete distributions Walsh
Thursday 23 August Lecture 2 Continuous distributions, moments and expectations, sampling theory Walsh
Tuesday 28 August Lecture 3 t, F, and chi^2 distributions Walsh
Thursday 30 August Lecture 4 bivariate distributions, covariances, regressions Walsh
Tuesday 4 September Lecture 5 Introduction to Matrix alegbra and linear models Walsh
Thursday 6 September Lecture 6 Matrix Eigenstructure and the Multivariate Normal Walsh
Tuesday 11 September Lecture 7 The general linear model Walsh
Thursday 13 September Lecture 8 Likelihood and bayesian methods, jackknife and bootstrap methods Walsh
Tuesday 18 September Lecture 9 Molecular Basis of Evolution Ochman
Thursday 20 September Lecture 10 Dynamics of Genes in Populations Ochman
Tuesday 25 September Lecture 11 Molecular Evolution and Nucleotide Substitutions Ochman
Thursday 27 September Lecture 12 Phylogenetics Maddison
Tuesday 2 October Lecture 13 Y-chromosome Evolution Hammer
Thursday 4 October Lecture 14 Models of Evolution: Selection vs. Neutrality Ochman
Tuesday 9 October Lecture 15 Models of Evolution: Molecular Clocks Ochman
Thursday 11 October Lecture 16 Reductive Evolution in Bacterial GenomesĘ Nancy Moran
Tuesday 16 October Lecture 17 Non-Mendelian Processes: SD, Transposition, etc. Ochman
Thursday 18 October Lecture 18 Comparative Genomics and Genome Structure Ochman
Tuesday 23 October Lecture 19 Measuring Univariate Selection Walsh
Thursday 25 October Lecture 20 Measuring Multivariate Selection Walsh
Tuesday 30 October Lecture 21 Quantitative Genetics Walsh
Thursday 1 November Lecture 22 Quantitative Genetics Walsh
Tuesday 6 November Lecture 23 Evolution of Sex and Sex Ratios Ochman
Thursday 8 November Lecture 24 Sex Chromosomes and Sexual Selection Ochman
Tuesday 13 November Lecture 25 Genetics of Speciation and Haldane's Rule Ochman
Thursday 15 November Lecture 26 Units of Selection Ochman
Tuesday 20 November Lecture 27 Evolution of Complexity Rick Michod
Thursday 22 November Thanksgiving Holiday
Tuesday 27 November Lecture 28 Scientific Bandwagons Markow
Thursday 29 November Lecture 28 Extinctions Ochman
Tuesday 4 December Lecture 30 Wrap-up Walsh