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Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data

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Course Data Sets
  1. Genetics 320 grade information -- excell file

The first meeting of the course will be on Tuesday, 25 Jan

If possible, please bring a laptop with JMP 5.1 (or later) already loaded!

The product we will be using is

JMP IN Version 5.1 For Windows¨, Macintosh¨, & Linux © 2004 (specify your OS)

cost $79.95

Details on ordering:

Individual copies of JMP-IN may be purchased by phone with acceptable proof of academic standing at 800-874-2383.

More info:


Meeting time and Place: Tuesday 9 am - -10:45 a.m. LSS 340

Instructor: Bruce Walsh:

Have data from your thesis in need of statistical analysis but unsure how to proceed? This course is for you!

The motivation for this course was that students in my EEB 581 advanced theory course asked for a class with much more hands-on experience.

We will introduce the JMP statistical software package (which has a full student version for around $80.00). This is both a powerful, and yet easy to use, suite of applications whose strength is in its graphs.

This is a lab, not a lecture course, in that we will spend the entire class analyzing data submitted by the students in small groups using JMP. Thus, you will leave with both extensive hands-on experience in using JMP as well as a focused analysis of your particular data.

This course is designed to complement, not compete with, other statistical courses. It is also designed for students with a wide range of abilities. Beginners will find this course just as useful as very advanced students.