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Course Announcements
Friday, May 5 (7pm). Class grades have now been uploaded to the university and should soon be available for you to see. All A and Bs, well done class!

Quiz 3 (the bonus quiz) has been graded and can be picked up outside of BSW 211.


Useful websites for class presentations

General Course Information

Lecture Time and Place: Thursday 2:00-3:15pm , Bio W 212

Instructor: Bruce Walsh

Reading Material: No Assigned text. However, you will be responsbile for reading assignments posted here (the official course website). Further, there will be unannounced in-class quizzes on material that you should have read before class.

Grading and Course Policy

Grading: Your class grade will be based on problem sets and in-class quizzes. In-class quizzes will be unannounced and will test on the assigned read

We will have roughly five quizzes (10 points each). We will throw out the lowest single source. Missed problem sets/exams will be awarded a zero. If you know in advance that you will be missing a class, please email Dr Walsh IN ADVANCE and we will not charge you for missing a quiz.

Assignment of Final Grades: The second highest total in the class will be set equal to 100. If you get 90 percent (or higher) of this total you get an A, 80 percent a B, 70 percent a C, 60 percent a D.

Class policy on "academic integrity": Your academic work (exams and problem sets) must be your own; do not copy answers to problem sets or anything else; cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you are caught, any combination of the following will occur (UA Code of Academic Integrity): a zero grade will be assigned for the work; course grade dropped one letter grade; course grade of F; disciplinary probation from University; suspension from the University; notation "Declared guilty of violation of the Code of Academic Integrity" put on student's permanent record.

Lecture Notes and Readings

Date Lecture number Topic Practice Problems, readings Quizzes
11 Jan 1 Introduction    
18 Jan 2 Mendelian Genetics Practice problems --- Solutions  
25 Jan 3 Introduction to Probability Practice problems --- solutions 
1 Feb 4 DNA structure, DNA Sequencing, and PCR   Quiz 1 -- Solutions
8 Feb   Field trip to Human Origins lab (Matt Kaplan)    
15 Feb 5 DNA markers for Forensic use    
22 Feb   Field trip to Human Origins lab (Matt Kaplan)    
1 Mar 6 Match Probabilities: Population Genetics and the NRC II Practice problems --- Solutions  
8 Mar 7 Some famous cases involving DNA evidence   Quiz 2 -- Solutions
15 Mar   Spring break!    
22 Mar 8 Advanced Topics: DNA Mixtures, Y Chromosomal Markers, mtDNA Markers    
29 Mar 9 Admissibility of Scientific Evidence, Statistical Mistakes in the Courtroom    
5 Apr 10 Work on short presentations. I'll have office hours (BSW 322) from 1-3 on the 5th.    
12 Apr 11 Class short presentations:

  1. Jeff Powers, Abby Burkhart and Adrienne O'Dell
    • Chamberlain case (a famous australian case in which a mother claimed that a dingo ate her baby.)
  2. Ariel Olroyd, Steven Apter, Marc Wakefield, and Brian Zimmer
  3. Megan Foxx, Micah Traylor, and Patrick Maley
19 Apr 12 Class short presentations:

  1. Kiersten Abraham, Tori Willis and Celyna Morales
      link for their youtube video clip.
  2. Monique Redding, Tomoka Miyamoto, and Suzi Bryan
  3. Amanda Deen, Kelvin Richards and Brian Yee
  4. Shane Robinson, Rosy Lackey, Claressa Martinez and Brian Bloodsworth
    • Chimerisms
26 Apr 13 Review, final comments, class evulation   Quiz 3